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For more than twenty-five years, Antonio Riva has been redefining Italian haute couture, combining his unique creative spirit with tradition. His constant search for perfection has resulted in true works of art.

The evocative settings of Palazzo Toschi Corneliani in Milan and Palazzo Grazioli in Rome, host the collections immersed in an atmosphere of refined elegance, telling a long story of professionalism. Antonio Riva Milano's haute couture is the result of a process in which the creative director's inspiration meets the unique vision of each woman, capturing her essence.

When the latest customizations are made on each dress, the Certificate of Authenticity takes on a much deeper meaning than a simple attestation of the uniqueness of the dress: it is a tangible memory of the savoir faire contained in each creation.

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The Ateliers

The ateliers located at Palazzo Toschi Corneliani in Milan and Palazzo Grazioli in Rome are historic and elegant venues, perfect for hosting Antonio Riva Milano collections.

Their rooms rich in history and tastefully furnished, provide the ideal setting for discovering Antonio Riva's creations. Palazzo Toschi Corneliani in Milan, with its warm and sophisticated atmosphere, conveys a sense of exclusivity, ideal for embarking on a personal journey in search of the dream dress. In the eternal city of Rome, Palazzo Grazioli stands as a symbol of beauty. Situated in the heart of the capital's historic center, it creates an enchanting environment that combines history and modernity.

In both ateliers, the Antonio Riva Milano staff personally welcomes each client, to guide them with passion and attention to detail.

The Creative Workshop

The Creative Workshop Antonio Riva Milano, born in 2019 in Via della Moscova 40, brings together every aspect of the brand, starting from design, passing through prototyping and tailoring, and ending with sales and communication.

The creative hub is a multifaceted space that creates the perfect conditions for a continuous exchange of ideas and is equipped with a set for videos and photo shoots where each product can be filmed and experienced in real time. The workshop overlooks a beautiful garden with a long path designed as a real catwalk, ideal for the presentation of new collections.

The Craftsmanship

Antonio Riva Milano's signature creations come to life in the manufacture located in the heart of Garlate, on Lake Como. This is where the entire production cycle takes place, from pattern making to tailoring and quality control, maintaining the highest level of excellence during each step.

The minimalist style and division of space are designed to maximize functionality, with offices overlooking the large production core. The use of the latest technology and machinery is blended with experience of professional seamstresses who, through dedicated craftsmanship, make each and every idea of the creative director a reality.


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