Antonio Riva Milano Donates the 'Peonie' Dress to Museo della Seta di Como

Antonio Riva Milano dona l’abito “Peonie” al Museo della Seta di Como

Antonio Riva Milano has made a generous donation to the Museo della Seta di Como. The donation, a stunning piece called the "Peonie" dress, showcases the unique creative spirit of the Maison and its deep connection to the silk tradition of Como.

Founded on the picturesque shores of Lake Como, Antonio Riva Milano has always stayed true to its roots, drawing inspiration from the beauty and craftsmanship of the region. The creative director of the Maison, Antonio Riva, conceptualized the idea of a silk print that would evoke the essence of a peony flower garden in full bloom. Thus, the 'Peonia' print was born, a delicate and vibrant design that captures the charm and elegance of the peony, a flower beloved by the couturier.

The "Peonie" dress is a masterpiece that embodies the creative vision and technical skill of Antonio Riva. Constructed by draping 16 silk scarves, with the exclusive peony print, the dress is a harmonious blend of iconic design elements and the beauty of nature. The sculptural silhouette, with its large volume and intricate details, reflects the couturier's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.

Ph. Carlo Pozzoni

In a gesture of appreciation for Como's rich silk heritage and in recognition of the Silk Museum's contribution to preserving this tradition, Antonio Riva Milano has donated the "Peonie" dress to the museum's collection. This gift not only celebrates the artistic excellence of the Maison but also pays homage to the enduring legacy of silk weaving in Como.

Ph: Carlo Pozzoni

As the "Peonie" dress finds its new home at the Silk Museum, it symbolizes the timeless beauty and creativity that define Antonio Riva Milano. This exquisite masterpiece serves as a tribute to the enduring allure of silk, the passion for design, and the profound connection between art and tradition that permeates the heart of the Maison.

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