AR Déco Collection by Antonio Riva Milano: A Timeless Ode to Elegance and Femininity

Antonio Riva Milano celebra la grazia femminile con la nuova collezione AR Déco

The AR Déco collection by Antonio Riva Milano pays homage to timeless femininity and elegance, drawing inspiration from the classic and measured shapes of the precious modernist taste of the 1920s and 30s, enriched by the romantic elements typical of Antonio Riva Milano's collections.


Designed for the modern woman who seeks to express her independence, the dresses in this collection feature geometric lines inspired by the art of the Déco period. Each piece delicately narrates emotional fragility through the sophisticated and romantic details characteristic of Antonio Riva's designs.


The color palette reflects the delicacy and refinement typical of the Déco style, where pastel tones harmoniously blend to create garments rich in lightness, enhanced by the ornamental details of this artistic movement. Bold combinations of pastel tones with blues, teal, and black add an extremely elegant touch of drama.

Each dress in the collection exudes feminine grace, enveloping the body delicately in carefully selected fabrics such as lightweight silk, chiffon, and lace. Romantic details such as ruffles, ruches, feathers, and floral embellishments lend a soft touch of femininity that softens the intricate Déco decorations, making them truly unique.

The AR Déco collection offers a variety of choices, from long gowns to midi dresses, perfect for capturing attention on any occasion. Deep necklines and open backs add a touch of sensuality, while tiered skirts and layers of fabric create a lightness that evokes the effect of the curved and geometric lines typical of Art Déco.

Each dress in the AR Déco collection is meticulously designed with the highest quality standards, ensuring extraordinary comfort for those who choose to wear them. Discover a world where elegance, femininity, and sophistication converge in the exquisite
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