The Magnificent Opening Night of Teatro della Scala

La magnifica prima del Teatro alla Scala

Teatro alla Scala, widely known as La Scala, stands as a global icon commanding reverence in the world of opera and ballet. Located in Milan, Italy, this historic cultural institution recently celebrated its grand opening for a new season and mesmerized audiences from around the globe.


The opening night of La Scala is a grand spectacle that has been acclaimed for over two centuries. It showcases not only exceptional opera performances but also welcomes distinguished guests from various fields, adding to the glamour and prestige of the evening.

Among the notable attendees were influential figures in the fashion and arts communities, such as Lucia Silvestri, renowned Creative Director of Bulgari, whose impeccable taste in both accessories and attire garnered attention throughout the evening, wearing a bespoke Antonio Riva Milano creation in forest green silk velvet, in a play of light and shadow. The bodice, with a deep neckline, plays with sensuality while the balloon sleeves and the draped skirt give the dress theatricality, adding a touch of elegance and glamour to the already enchanting atmosphere of the evening.


Another guest who graced the opening night was Lucrezia Guidone, a prominent Italian actress known for her impeccable sense of style. Lucrezia stunned onlookers as she arrived in a breathtaking Antonio Riva Milano long tulle dress adorned with intricate floral embroidery, complemented by a crew-neck bodice and long glove sleeves. The gown's full skirt, buoyant with the addition of a fenced horsehair peplum, beautifully enhanced Lucrezia's movements as she mingled with the glitterati gracing the event.


An unforgettable moment immortalized the opening night, encapsulating the fashion-forward atmosphere and artistic intricacies of La Scala. Fiorella Donati, a respected plastic surgeon known for her discerning taste and keen eye for beauty, attended wearing an Antonio Riva Milano black mermaid silk mikado dress. The bodice, with an off-the-shoulder neckline, leaves the shoulders uncovered and creates a long train tail with contrasting white details on the back of the dress, making the evening a truly memorable affair.

The opening night of Teatro alla Scala once again served as a captivating celebration of Italy's rich cultural heritage. It combined high fashion, extraordinary performances, and an atmosphere immersed with passion, charisma, and beauty. As the audience eagerly anticipates future performances, they can recount the magic experienced and long for the encore of such a remarkable opulent evening.

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